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Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development At Azure

Solar power sustainability at Azure Power means providing clean and affordable renewable energy solutions while safeguarding the health and well-being of our people and giving back to our environment and communities in a socially responsible manner.

Our approach to sustainability is integrated across our core business activities. We are committed to maintaining the highest ecological standards and making a meaningful and positive impact on the communities we operate in. We hire from local communities and generally lease land with few alternative uses, providing local communities with a steady stream of discretionary cash flow without displacing alternative businesses.

Our core values of trust, innovation, drive, diversity, and excellence reinforce our approach to providing energy in a sustainable way. We have been publishing our annual sustainability report as per GRI guidelines since 2018 and have been contributing to Carbon Disclosure Project since 2019.

CSR Impact Assessment Report 2021 – 2022

CSR Impact Assessment Report 2020 – 2021

Azure Report 2021

Sustainability Report 2020-21

Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Report 2019-20

Sustainability Report 2018-19

Sustainability Report 2018-19

Our Solar Power Sustainability Goals

We measure our success by how we positively impact people, society, and the planet. Our goal is to make Azure environmentally sustainable and help preserve the planet.

Through our CSR activities, we are committed to improving the quality of life in rural India.

We are committed to delivering energy in a safe manner by preventing harm to our employees and contractors and keeping them alert to potential hazards at the workplace.

Our focus is to sustain the health of the environment in which we operate and respect the resource needs of communities which depend on them

We are committed to achieving and maintaining a best-in-class corporate governance structure. Our governance procedures are applied to all areas of decision-making across Azure

Our Policies & Certification

Third Party- Code of ConductDownload PDF

Certificate of ISO 9001:2015Download PDF

Sustainability Committee CharterDownload PDF

Policy for Diversity and InclusionDownload PDF

Policy for Human RightsDownload PDF

Data Privacy and SecurityDownload PDF

Corporate Social Responsibility PolicyDownload PDF

Health & Safety PolicyDownload PDF

Environment Social and Governance PolicyDownload PDF

Driving PolicyDownload PDF

Equal Employment Opportunity PolicyDownload PDF

ISO 14001 CertificationDownload PDF

ISMS 270001:2013Download PDF

ISO 45001 certificateDownload PDF