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Transition to clean energy with Azure Power’s Energy Transition solutions

Climate change is a profound challenge, and it is driving a major shift in the energy market. India has committed to achieve 450 GWs of installed renewable capacity and 500 GWs of non-fossil energy, including solar power, by 2030. To meet these ambitious targets, industries have a critical role to play. While most companies today recognise the need to decarbonize and switch to renewable energy for sustainable growth, they face several challenges such as lack of enough space to set up power generation units onsite, and limitations of individual power sources. Above all, they lack a reliable partner in their decarbonisation journey.

Azure Energy Transition Private Limited, a B2B arm of Azure Power, is a trusted and reliable partner to businesses in their decarbonisation journey. With grid connected or open access hybrid renewable energy projects, a variety of offtake arrangements, and multiple tariffs options to suit the customers’ needs, Azure Power can help plan businesses sustainability roadmap and achieve 100% clean energy transition.

Azure Power’s Energy Transition Solutions



We combine solar and wind power in best of resource locations to deliver a flatter profile of green power during the day and the night. This allows higher plant load factors, of up to 50%, so you can achieve your sustainability goals faster.



Azure Power will deploy energy storage solutions to store the excess renewable energy generated by it. This allows us to deliver renewable energy for even longer periods, including peak hours and increases the plant load factor to up to 70%, and further accelerates your business towards sustainability.



To run your operations on 100% renewable energy 24x7, we deliver RTC power by combining sources like solar, wind, batteries, and hydro. We can deliver a defined MW of energy every hour, every month, and every year. With this uninterrupted renewable energy, you can meet your sustainability goals the quickest.

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Azure Power – Your trusted energy transition partner

to help plan your sustainablity roadmap and achieve 100% clean energy transition across multiple facilities and geographies.


Frequently Asked Questions

A. Utility-scale grid connected Open Access projects overcome rooftop solar plants’ space constraints by providing uninterrupted renewable enegry for longer durations. Combining it with Wind-Solar Hybrid and Battery Energy Storage System ensures supply of 100% renewable energy 24x7.

A. Two procurement models are used in open access: third-party PPAs and captive or group captive models.

A. Open access charges under a utility-scale renewable project vary with location and procurement models. Various charges under the Open Access mechanism include the following:

  • Transmission charges
  • Wheeling Charges
  • Transmission losses
  • Wheeling losses
  • Cross-subsidy surcharge (CSS)
  • Additional surcharge (AS)
  • Banking charges
  • SLDC charges
  • Electricity duty

A. Customers are advised to keep the following check list in mind:

  • Due diligence based on company locations
  • Understanding Open Access Risks
  • Due Diligence on the developer
  • PPA Negotiations

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