Utility-scale solar has been generating clean and reliable electricity with a firm fuel price for the last many years. Developing utility-scale solar power is one of the quick ways to reduce carbon emissions and put the world on a clean energy future.


Solar Renewable Energy Portfolio

Azure Power has a renewable energy asset base of over 4.3 GWs* with over 3 GWs of operational capacity and ~1.2 GWs** of contracted & awarded capacity.

What We Provide

We supply renewable energy to government utilities and independent industrial & commercial customers at fixed prices. Since renewable power generation does not rely on fossil fuels, our electricity prices are insulated from the volatility of input commodity costs. We are committed to lead India’s energy transition by providing sustainable energy solutions and help achieve carbon neutrality

Over 4.3 GWs* Portfolio is spread across India

State Operational
Rajasthan 1675 MW
Gujarat 270 MW
Karnataka 250 MW
Punjab 214 MW
Andhra Pradesh 200 MW
Telangana 100 MW
Uttar Pradesh 100 MW
Assam 90 MW
Chhattisgarh 30 MW
Bihar 10 MW
Maharashtra 7 MW
Delhi 2 MW
Others 93 MW
Contracted & Awarded (LOA issued + PPA signed) 1237 MW**

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