Renewable Energy Portfolio

Azure Power has a solar assets base of ~7 GWs* with ~2 GWs of operational capacity and over 5.1 GWs of capacity under construction and in the pipeline, which includes 4 GWs for which LOA has been received but PPA has not been signed.

What We Provide

We sell solar energy to government utilities and independent industrial and commercial customers at predictable fixed prices. Since our solar power generation does not rely on fossil fuels, our electricity prices are insulated from the volatility of commodity pricing. We also guarantee the electricity production of our solar energy plants to our customers. We offer integrated project development, EPC, financing, O&M services without involving multiple third party services. This approach has allowed us to generate efficiencies of scale that further drive down system costs.

Our Presence Across India ~7 GW* Portfolio

State Project Capacity
Rajasthan 1675 MW
Gujarat 270 MW
Karnataka 250 MW
Punjab 214 MW
Andhra Pradesh 200 MW
Telangana 100 MW
Uttar Pradesh 100 MW
Assam 90 MW
Chhattisgarh 30 MW
Bihar 10 MW
Maharashtra 7 MW
Delhi 2 MW
Committed 4000 MW
India Map
  • ‌‌Operational
  • locationUnder Construction

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