Life at Azure

At Azure Power, you have the historic opportunity to be a part of a dynamic mission that is changing lives of people for their betterment today while making the world a better place to live in for tomorrow. Here, you get to contribute to a successful team that works hard, plays hard and makes a difference in your community.

We provide a healthy and safe workplace for the employees to ensure high productivity. Our commitment to health and wellness gives a lot of options to help maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We further offer comprehensive benefits and perks that make a difference in all aspects of life of our employees.

    The focus of our employee benefit structure is to reward personal performance, merit and effort. We also encourage employee friendly work culture and offer family health insurance, flexible work option, job rotation opportunity, gifts on marriage, on-campus cafe and cab facility to our employees.

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    To create awareness regarding health amongst our employees, we regularly conduct expert-led health sessions and check-up camps. We also ensure that Azure Power is a healthy and entertaining place to work in.

Our training and development program offers dynamic learning and growth opportunities through skill building, career development and strategic programs in both technical and professional development areas across all levels. Our aim is to foster skills, competencies and talent of the our workforce. We map training needs of all employees and roll out an annual training calendar which includes a comprehensive offering of innovative programs, workshops and tools that prepare the employees to perform successfully in their jobs.


Although working with a leading solar company can be demanding, it is also a lot of fun. We try to create an atmosphere where employees can feel comfortable, express themselves, and collaborate with others. All the while, make it easy for them to be productive and open up new communication channels.


At Azure Power, we believe that our people are our greatest asset and we ensure that we acknowledge the remarkable achievements of our team members. Here are just a few of the ways in which we recognize our excellent people whose relentless drive contributes to our success.
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  • We believe in grooming and helping our employees become the next generation leaders. We identify our top performing employees who are recognized, trained and exposed to all disciplines so that they are well prepared for the leadership roles. 
    At Azure Power, people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives are tied together with a common set of core values, which are Excellence, Honesty, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility. We recognize our people who have displayed great passion towards these core values and set benchmark for others.

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